Roger has great love for the built world, things that man has made in context with natural conditions. Orchards, man crafted agriculture, terraced stone walls, fields, sheds and barns—the creation of beautiful places and things in nature. Each one of these that’s worth seeing and remembering was crafted with a clear design intention from the existing opportunities at hand.

His art comes from this same place. First, a broad concept. This is then defined into a structural framework which gives power and life to the finished painting. In his work, you can see all of these elements.

Roger worked for many years in planning and landscape architecture, designing the framework for a variety of communities. He has a visionary view and the mind of one who loves to build. The way he links together complex problems carries into his oil paintings where strong shapes and shadows structure the paintings and layout.

For over forty years, Roger practiced as a landscape architect and urban planner, building large scale communities around the world. Born in San Francisco, Roger now lives with his wife and family in Mill Valley California and maintains a studio in Sausalito California.